V & M Bar and Campground, LLC
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​Our selection of meats and cheeses are from our local shops: The Butcher Shop, Country Lane Market, and Miller's Cheese House.
V & M Bar and Campground, LLC Menu
We are not just a bar on the corner of V and M.  Our menu is small but the taste is big!  All fried foods are done is an air fryer for a healthier option.  
Loaded Potato Skins, Mini Tacos, Cheese Curds, French Fries, and more.  All done in an Air Fryer, not in grease. 
Only served in fall and winter.
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Or call 715-234-4458

All Sandwiches served with chips.
V & M Burgers
Fresh 1/3 pound burger from our local Butcher Shop! 
  Bourbon Burger                Martini Burger
  Bacon Cheese Burger       Cheese Burger

Cheese Choices: 
American, Swiss, Blue Cheese, Pepper Jack, Horseradish.